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We cannot thank everyone enough for their support and for playing Super Surprise Party! 😃 It sincerely means a lot to us as this is our first time putting a game together! This game was created for the “Community Game Jam” in 7 days.  We made a few edits for our 1.1 version. We hope you enjoy playing our submission!


Why hello there! :D Welcome to our game!

Are you ready to have some SUPER SURPRISE PARTY PREP FUN!?

I know WE are! :D And you are just the right person to help! 

So sit back, relax, and strap yourself in for the time of your life! ;D <3

(Please note - Your location is not actually tracked in this game <3)

Level Instructions: 


<-- --> / A D = Move 
Space Bar = Jump 


Mouse = Move Piece 
Space Bar (while holding piece) = Rotate Piece

Falling Objects

<-- --> / A D = Move 

.: ~ * Credits * ~ :.

Game Programmer/Game Design/Cat: Chelsea Soares 

Artist: Natalie Cruz

Audio: Courtney Soares

Voice Actor: James Ruane

Game Tester/Dog: Nicholas Jaffari

Special Thanks To...
Ginger the Dog <3 
The Docation Tracker :'D 
The chosen Sacraficial Watermelon </3
Natalie and James' amazing cooking :')
8:03AM :o
and You for playing our game :D <3 We hope you enjoy it! 


Super Surprise Party.zip 28 MB
Super Surprise Party 1.1.zip 29 MB


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i don't feel safe and i even looked around my home 3 times

aside from me being terrible at platformers I enjoyed the game. interesting ending but I should've seen it coming. check out my play thru lol

this is a bad game

why won't it let me in 

hate game

Had fun playing this, even if I struggled with the platforming (but I struggle with all platforming). It definitely scared one of my friends/viewers, lol. 


Bro It won't letme go on the game!!!!!!!!!

I like this song. This has nothing to do with the game, but I want to comment something saying that this game is cool.

How do I get onto the game?



How do you even get on the freaking game

how do you play this freaky game




Laurn said she was stealing babys in the platformer part and she screamed when the creepy parts kicked in wel that is me ⬇️

Show post...


Tried out your game...

it's a fun little game, even tho' it was quite predictable, I actually liked the idea a lot and I really enjoyed playing the game!

I absolutely loved your voice! Is there a way to contact you? 🥺

The minigames could do with a little polishing. not moving with the platforms and not being told how to rotate puzzel pieces makes this rather frustrarting at time. Good art design and acting tho.

that was really cool and right up my ally! I loved loved loved it <3

This game was more funny with a odd since of being watched that scary. It had a decent scary but the game was completely predictable from start to finish. Overall it was more weird than scary and it was just a decent game, but I encourage everyone to play this game to see what you think for yourself.

Great game <3

Pros and cons are down below) Check out the gameplay here (the game is the 2d there):


1. The plot twist is interesting, I liked few jumpscares and the whole concept, though the game was a bit rough. I especially admired the subtle spooks like the chanfing amount of dolls.

2. Mini games are fun. Thank god, the doggos and kitties did not unlive upon hitting the ground, I as very scared for them, jeez.

3. You got some nice sound cues going there at the end.


1. Well, it's a bit rough - everything is anticipated from the start. Maybe it would be cooler not to pay so much attention at allowing locayion tracking? So, the player would not expect the scare connected to their location being revealed...


That's a very cool experience. Even more awesome that it was created in such a short time. Since that's the first project and it turned out to be so cool, I think the game deserves a 5/5 rating!

Hope my feedback was useful!

Art, play concept and get spooked are nice. Great game

Amazing game for your first ever try at one! I really enjoyed it! Nothing to creepy but sketchy and I love that about games!

Nice creepy little game lol. The voice acting was definitely the stand-out. Would play more stuff like this.

---Spoiler warning---

For just 7 days, this game is really impressive! The graphics and mechanics work cleanly (except for the player being able to press the Accept button before it even appears). However, I found the jumpscares kind of cheap. I feel like the horror could've been more effective if used more subtly (the creaking window sound effects and slowly approaching dolls were pretty good at setting the tone on their own). And of course, there is nothing scarier than games asking for your location.

All in all, I enjoyed it!

congratulations for being featured on markiplier’s video!

Deleted post

I can’t play


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