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We cannot thank everyone enough for their support and for playing Super Surprise Party! 😃 It sincerely means a lot to us as this is our first time putting a game together! This game was created for the “Community Game Jam” in 7 days. We hope you enjoy playing our submission! We have a patch lined up to release after the Game Jam ends. 


Why hello there! :D Welcome to our game!

Are you ready to have some SUPER SURPRISE PARTY PREP FUN!?

I know WE are! :D And you are just the right person to help! 

So sit back, relax, and strap yourself in for the time of your life! ;D <3

(Please note - Your location is not actually tracked in this game <3)

Level Instructions: 


<-- --> / A D = Move 
Space Bar = Jump 


Mouse = Move Piece 
Space Bar (while holding piece) = Rotate Piece

Falling Objects

<-- --> / A D = Move 

.: ~ * Credits * ~ :.

Game Programmer/Game Design/Cat: Chelsea Soares 

Artist: Natalie Cruz

Audio: Courtney Soares

Voice Actor: James Ruane

Game Tester/Dog: Nicholas Jaffari

Special Thanks To...
Ginger the Dog <3 
The Docation Tracker :'D 
The chosen Sacraficial Watermelon </3
Natalie and James' amazing cooking :')
8:03AM :o
and You for playing our game :D <3 We hope you enjoy it! 

Updated 11 days ago
Published 16 days ago
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Tags2D, cats, Dogs, Horror, Pixel Art


Super Surprise Party.zip 28 MB


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Why does the narrator sound like my boyfriend?

Not a bad game. But kinda wordy. Like, we get it, you're the bad guy, goodness. Subtle like a brick through a window. lol. Mister bad guy sounds like Pharos from Persona. Give it a look, haha. Lucky you, I'm fond of that voice. The jumpscares were okay enough, but lacking in real spook factor. It would have been more fitting if they'd been related to the babies or something, like suddenly they change into scary babies. Just my thoughts, thanks for reading! <3 

I love these types of cute-but-evil-behind-the-curtain style of games, the jumpscares were pretty well timed, and it leaves you puzzled as you play wondering what the payoff will be.

Only real issue was the platforms don't carry the player, but I can understand not having time for fixing that as it is a jam game.

The game is good but I wanted to know if it's true if it won't get your Location?

No, the game does not actually track your location! Don't worry! :P <3

Funny thing, wasn't expecting this when I downloaded it. Short and sweet. I really appreciate no loud noises. A fine effort!

Thank you very much! :D <3

My lets play on it

Thank you for making a let's play of our game! :D I'm sure the spoon would've saved you! Hahaha :) <3

Just after finishing the game my cat walked up behind me and i thought it was the monster, i was so scared :)

Awww hahaha! I'm sorry your cat scared you! x3 <3


Nicely done! I like how the voice went back and forth between nice and... not so nice. Looking forward to your future creations!

Thank you so much for playing our game and including it in your video :D <3!

Happy Birthday to you and your stream!!! :D We are glad we could give you a jump scare for your birthday :P