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WTF it’s great but do you really have to frustrate us and show us the scary dummy?

I dont know how to get on your game

I know this was 4 months ago but,,, If you're on Mobile you can't play it for now. [I think!]

This was pretty creepy and frustrating. I was not expecting that surprise at the end.


My name is ruby

I love you game


I need mobile apk

its cute and creepy but i recomend

*cutely develops crush in the voice*

I mean it's really good and it's kawaii I guess I would recommend this

(1 edit)

i doesn't track ur location they just want to make it more scary like dumbass BUT anyways it's a good game go play it! (If u are on pc)



Bro this sucks 

Do you donwlodid


it tracks your location.

LaurenZside played it and it is creepy 


it doesnt actually track ur location its only to make it scarier


i dont want to be hacked



I don’t know how to join the game! Btw I’m on mobile.


i really like when the face showedup that was really cool i peed. my mom beat me


Never in my life, have i ever met a worst party host. 0/10 I Helped him with everything and he still ended up mashing my brain potatoes!? What a guy.

 dlaczego ta gra zna moja lokalizacje?

Welp happy Birthday to me :D

Almost Got stuck with the frame puzzle XD


idk how to get in how do you



Yeah like if you saved your location in your computer and also how can it hack when it is a game 


this game has now know my location!!!!

and these are my last minutes alive

you guys are gonna go to the amusement park after you play this

how do i play the game if im on computer

dont go to this party


yea for the god of coding DON'T GO TO THIS PARTY!!!


this game was freaky and the jumpsacres were AMAZING they really got me also this a better game than any games i downloaded on so yea great game you should check this out also i still have the chills.

I.. My mom locked the door and I heared her footsteps and it scared me-death life

what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This this game is pretty cute if you play a long time it will get scarier I don't like this playing at the time so yeah

DONT PLAY THIS, IT CONTAINS a backdoor hack in it. i tested it on many anti-virus sites. DO NOT PLAY!!

Is this a joke? 



i don't feel safe and i even looked around my home 3 times

aside from me being terrible at platformers I enjoyed the game. interesting ending but I should've seen it coming. check out my play thru lol

this is a bad game

why won't it let me in 

hate game

Had fun playing this, even if I struggled with the platforming (but I struggle with all platforming). It definitely scared one of my friends/viewers, lol. 

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